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About Hobbyist Artist SandyrockdragonFemale/Australia Group :iconwearebrokenbutstrong: WeAreBrokenButStrong
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Gerard Way :iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 0 0 In Case of Emergency Dial 411 :iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 1 0
Thinking of Moons
To season your dreams with stars
And destroy your nightmares with nebulas
Is to create galaxies beyond your imagination
And improve your own perfect universe
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 7 4
Keep You Forever In My Mind
To commit all of you to my memory
Would be my greatest achievement
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 4 0
If I was asked to say why I love you
My answer would be "everything"
It may not be correct language-wise
But heart-wise it is
Because I love everything from your smiles and laughter
To your intelligence and kindness
I love everything about you
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 6 1
Pale Past
They say that Death sits atop a pale horse
But I think she rides upon a pale past
Because you're my colourful future
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 4 0
If Only...
It saddens me
That I know so little about him
And he knows so little about me
If only…
(But there's a million if only's in this world
And thinking about them won't achieve anything)
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 5 0
Don't Give In
It's alright to feel the pain
As long as you don't give in to it
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 6 2
An Artist Without Creativity
I'm a song without its melody
The night sky without its stars
A bird without its wings
So I suppose the only question to ask is will you be
My melody that makes me beautiful?
My stars that brighten me up?
My wings that carry me away?
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 6 3
But You Can Choose To Fly
The ghosts didn't drown you
But their hands are still around your throat
And maybe you'll become one with the water
Or become a lost spirit yourself
(Your soul's already fra ct u re d)
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 5 0
Existing In Colours
If words coming out of speakers can help keep me together
Then anything can keep you t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r
All you have to do is let it
And when it comes down to it, you're the only one who can win this fight
And maybe our futures and pasts
Are made up of nothing but scars and scars and more scars
But that doesn't matter because they form stars
Brighter than what you imagined /remembered/ they'd be
And maybe all that we are working towards
Is the day we  d r i f t  away to become nothing more than smoke
But promise me, please promise me
That your smoke is going to be colourful
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 6 0
Forever Scarred
My heart may be forever scarred
Maybe all that's holding me together is stitches
Made of song lyrics and therapy
Put there by friends and strangers
But at least it means I never lost and I never gave up
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 8 6
(Recovering From) Crescent Anxiety
Warning: This may be triggering for some.
Sometimes it's dangerous to be one of your own many judges, juries and executioners
Because how is it possible that the penalty for murder isn't death
But the punishment for making your friends and family angry
Is to dig your fingernails into your skin until you begin to wonder if this time you'll actually bleed
(And maybe it would have been better if you had
 Maybe then you would have realised this was not punishment but a sign something was wrong)
It seems your whole body is against you
An over-active brain, an over-sensitive heart
And sharp-nailed hands that seem to think by themselves
Your lungs that are with you until you have a panic attack
Crescents can be symbolic of beautiful moons
Or those nights so long ago when you drowned in your own thoughts
(Maybe it wasn't so long ago, but you wished it was)
And only now the stars are starting to show
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 4 4
Want To Say
There's a million different things
That I want to say to you
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 5 0
Rose and Thorn
I'm disguised as the delicate petals of a rose
But I'm more thorn than flower
And I know every rose has its thorns
But I hope you're more flower than thorn
To compensate for my thorns
(But maybe this rose and thorn will never meet)
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 4 2
Glass Wall
Why am I trapped by this one-way glass wall?
I can see everyone and no one can see me
Who put up this wall?
Was it me or has it always been there?
I want to reach through it, to the light and out of the dark
But I can't
Maybe I have to break it down
But I don't want to get hurt
But maybe it's time to take a risk
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 5 5

Random Favourites

Midnight Run
Forest so tall;
      dense like a maze.
      I’ve forgotten where I was headed.
I catch a glimpse of your hair,
     a flash of light on your glasses,
    a sudden breeze that carries your scent,
And I’m off.
I’m taking off, running,
    sprinting after the fleeting presence
    like you were the only thing guiding me
    all along.
Mist rushes by;
   birdsongs and crickets are deafening,
  the air is cold,
  the grass is wet,
  leaves crunch, twigs snap, I’m breathing hard –
  the nighttime world comes rushing in all at once
As I chase after a ghosting presence with one outstretched hand.
I think I’ve been here before.
My feet pound hard against the dirt.
You ghost ahead, always just out of reach,
    but I can see you.
    I know it’s you.
I want to cry out for you to stop,
   please look at me,
:icontakk-ether:Takk-Ether 1 0
Where the River flows :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 1,433 39 Day 1410. Figuana :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,046 105 A Soundless Scream :iconnanfe:NanFe 2,470 53 Day 1409. Hogwash :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,443 45 Zebra Jumping Spider caught a Mayfly :iconthefunnyspider:TheFunnySpider 63 23 Foggy Morning XVIII :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 530 8 Magical waterfalls XI :iconalejandrocastillo:AlejandroCastillo 74 36 Autumn is here! :iconthefunnyspider:TheFunnySpider 16 6 suspended :iconwilqkuku:Wilqkuku 60 11 disconnected :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,431 21 Ascend III :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 1,459 36 yum yum :iconda-bu-di-bu-da:da-bu-di-bu-da 50 6 yum :iconda-bu-di-bu-da:da-bu-di-bu-da 46 2 Day 1408. Bluebeary Muffin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,990 122
There's no goal nor objective
But in this swirling mess of confusion
There is a surprising clarity
And in this surprising clarity
There is a swirling mess of confusion
There's a goal and objective
:iconthesewingsofdarkness:TheseWingsofDarkness 2 0



Gerard Way
Lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

This is the second image I have drawn in this style (you'll never see the first), but I've discovered that it's a style I like and am not too bad at, so expect to see more.

Sorry if the image quality is bad.

As always, feedback is appreciated.
In Case of Emergency Dial 411
Fan art of In Case of Emergency Dial 411 by Sleeping With Sirens.

I am sorry for my horrible writing.
I have cut some of it off due to the photo I took and needing to crop it, but nothing important has been cut out.

I've got more fan art to come, but this would probably have to be my favourite because I discovered a new technique I like (letting the watercolour drip down the page) and I can still play music through the earphones.

Anyway, as always, feedback is appreciated.
50 watchers! La la la la  Thank-you so much guys! I never would have thought I'd get so many. :happybounce: 
To season your dreams with stars
And destroy your nightmares with nebulas
Is to create galaxies beyond your imagination
And improve your own perfect universe
To commit all of you to my memory
Would be my greatest achievement
Ok, before I get on to the questions, I just have to say I am so excited! Today I got four new albums! :happybounce: Emote - Fangirl La Derp Day100 - Squealing :Kawaii: So I spent the past 3 hours (or something like that) listening to them and reading the lyrics.

Okay, on to the questions. I was tagged by :iconthesewingsofdarkness: (of course).

1:Full name? Taylor. You're not getting my last name though. That's not even my full first name.

2:Favorite quote? At the moment it would have to be "Don't give up because you're losing (you haven't lost)" from You Kill Me (In A Good Way) by Sleeping With Sirens. Some lines from two of my poems have even been inspired by it. I do love a lot of other quotes though. 

3:How often do I wear a fake smile? Every time there's a camera. But seriously, it used to be a lot but now not often. I also smile whenever I'm nervous (I have no idea why).  

4: What would I want to be written on my tombstone? I'm not sure. Something nice. Maybe a song lyric or something from one of my own poems.

5:Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain? No. 

6:Where do I want to live when older? I will always live in Australia. Probably just the same city I'm in now. And always near TheseWingsofDarkness (you better never move too far away).

7:Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end? More times then I could count.

8:What I’m really bad at. Sports. Talking to people, especially strangers.

9:Something I fantasize about. The future, especially with my crush (please don't say anything TheseWingsofDarkness ). I also daydream about my book ideas a lot.

10:What do I want for my birthday? Anything to do with music, books, TV shows, art, etc.

11:What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on? It depends on whose asking. I would especially not want to answer my crush if he asked who I liked. And if people ask me where I'm going when I'm going to my therapy/counselling appointments for anxiety.  

12:Three random words. Park (again, CJ, don't say anything), music, fangirl.

13:What is my current desktop picture? A slideshow of band logos/names, quotes from songs and quotes from band members.

14:What do I think Satan’s last name is? I don't think angels have last names, and Lucifer was originally an angel, so... 

15:What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it? Every single song that I love. They all make me happy, so I'm not choosing one.  

16:What was the last lie I told? I don't know. Does saying "it's a doctor's appointment" count? Not the exact truth, but it was close enough.

17:If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? So many Deviants. Every band that I love. My crush (yes, we have met, but I think you get what I mean.)

18:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? Depends.

19::How I feel right now? Happy, a little tired and a little hopeless/sadness that's lying underneath (don't worry, it's only because I don't think I'll ever get with my crush or even become friends with him. I hate being shy :( (Sad) ).

20::What do I miss? Nothing really at the moment.

Sorry this is so long. I'm meant to tag twenty people, but I know some people don't like being tagged, so everyone that's watching me is welcome to do it if they want.
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My icon is created by Blusagi

Hello. I'll say it here, but if you comment I'll reply anywhere; you're welcome for the favourite, llama or watch. Thank-you for the favourite, llama or watch. If I faved any of your art it's because I like it, I can understand, I can relate or I can emphasise. For many of you poets, it is not because I like your pain; it is I like how you expressed it and I can relate/empathise. So therefore, adding to favourites = a hug.

I'm just a random nobody on DA who first came on here planning to post drawings and mostly ended up posting poetry. I enjoy writing, reading, watching TV shows, drawing and listening to music. I'm a bit shy, even online.

Thanks for all your support.


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